Are You Embracing Your Hero’s Journey?

In the midst of a breakup, heartbreak or transition you really have only two choices. You have the power to become a victim of your circumstances, filling your story with woe is me, I can’ts, and why did this happen to me? Or, you can embrace your hero story. You can decide that you are […]

002: 5 Easy Ways to Practice Self-Care | She Lives Fully Podcast

Do you practice self-care? Do feel happy, hopeful, or maybe anxious, stressed, or tired? It is so so important to be present and aware of your feelings at all times. Your mood and your energy are a direct link to your experiences. If you are operating at a low level and expecting great results… oh, […]

A Balanced Relationship

Self- Worth is crucial to your happiness and growth as a human being. If you are in a relationship (friendship, professional, or romantic) with someone who strips you of that… lace up your sneakers and RUN!!! Seriously, run as fast as you can and never look back. So often the ones lacking confidence look to […]