“Self care is not selfish; You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” – unknown


Have you been feeling alone, easily annoyed or angered, exhausted, nagging? Do you wish people would appreciate you more? Well, I know this may sound a little harsh, but maybe it’s that you need to appreciate yourself.

I recently unlocked something so near a dear to my heart that has changed every essence of my being. I am more positive, radiant and full than I have ever been before.

I want you all to take out a piece of paper… I will wait… (insert elevator music)… OK. I’m going to assume you have paper in front of you, or the notes section of your phone.

Now, write 15 activities that you do for yourself that make you feel good while you are doing them (and after). If cleaning the house does not feel good while you are doing it, but a clean house does… this is not the list for it. My list goes a little like this: comfort foods, dance classes, voice lessons, a big breakfast with lots of syrup involved, getting my nails done, long showers, praying, listening to podcasts, good conversation, a long walk, getting my hair done, reading, going to the park, lunch/ dinner with the girls, lunch alone, a good glass of wine, bubble bath, movie night, working out, getting a massage, writing, etc etc.

Now, the easy part: Do THREE a day!

90% of you likely tuned out and said, “Is she crazy? I don’t have time for that!!” 100% of you are doing it right now and do not even realize it. You are taking time to read an article entitled Self- Care. Doesn’t that in the very least show that you want to care about yourself? That you have consciously chosen to dedicate this time to growth and beauty within you?

I can hear you! “But, But…” Oh yeah, I hear your excuses. It does not matter if you are a new mom, an entrepreneur or have six children. There is ALWAYS time for self-care and making excuses will only hurt yourself and those around you.  You would be surprised how much your husband or children will chip in to allow you to have “ME” time when they see how calm and happy you are because of it.

Okay, I suppose I should tell you why? Maybe motivate you a little to want to do three of those a day? Hmmm…

Do you ever have a day when you feel like the world is against you? A day where every little thing aggravates you? A day where you have scheduled in a good cry because you know its coming? A day where you just want to hop back into bed and redo it?

Well, my friend… in those days, ask yourself.. what have I done today for myself? We excuse ourselves and say we are “running on fumes” or “running out of steam”. We fill that void with coffee and sugar and the stale piece of bread we found in the employees lounge. Instead of running on fumes, why don’t you fuel yourself? Some of the items on your list may take 5 minutes. Why sit on empty for 5 hours when you could change it in 5 minutes?

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