These are a few of my favorite things that I use and absolutely swear by on a regular basis. They are essential to my self-care and business. I thought it would be nice to share them with you!

As always, I would love to hear from you if you used a product and love it! Hit me up on Instagram or Facebook! It always makes me smile!



As you all already know, I am obsessed with Four Sigmatic Mushroom coffee, teas, and hot chocolate! So much so that I applied to their affiliate program because I needed to get the word out to other people that were missing out on all the goodness. OMG, Y’ALL. It helps me so much in my daily life. I used to be the nap queen! And, now I am a content creating queen because of the energy and positive quality of life their products have given me. USE my code: ashleyvives or buy directly from this link for 10% off!!!



My absolute favorite skincare and natural deodorant line, Primally Pure. Anyone who follows me on instagram knows that I have an extensive stash of their products. And, I always alert you when they have a big sale. Because, who doesn’t love a good sale? amiright?! USE CODE: SHELIVESFULLY for a discount



I searched and searched for a planner that I love. I mean, SEARCHED. I have been looking for the PERFECT planner for at least a decade. I have tried SO MANY. Spiral, lay flat, water tracker, daily, weekly, you name it. If you like a full business planner that keeps you on track quarterly, I recommend, The Full Focus Planner by Michael Hyatt. I find I like to have a mix of self-care routine with business/ work flow. I crave pen to paper. And, I want the flexibility to write in my own dates and decide on if I want to put in meals or just block my day into am, noon, and pm with tasks. So, I decided to make my own. For now, it exists on etsy as printable pages (which is much more affordable for you). One day, it will be a full planner. Here’s the link to purchase it!