How to Get Through a Bad Day

The Coping Skills You Never Knew You Needed

Have you ever had a day where you felt like the world was against you? Do you ever feel like you’re being punked? Like, how could the world be conspiring against my life this hard?

It is so easy to stay stuck in a bad mood when circumstances are not in your favor. When you’re feeling like you have no control over your day the best thing to do is to come back to the one thing you have the most control over: yourself!

Understanding your emotional response to the circumstances around you is an inward process. Once you access what feelings are coming up for you, you can then offer in solutions.  



It’s time to acknowledge your feelings. Speak them out loud, or write them down. Include your why if these feelings were caused by outside circumstances. This will allow your brain to assess the weight and validity of these feelings. This exercise alone could help you to feel better by realizing you maybe created a bigger scenario in your mind than needed. 



“I feel lonely because my boyfriend didn’t call me back right away”

“I am upset because my wifi doesn’t work, my package didn’t come on time, AND the grocery store didn’t have my favorite ice cream. I feel like everything is conspiring against me today”

“I just feel sad today. I don’t really have a reason why.”



Give yourself permission to feel your feelings. Don’t dismiss them or bottle them up. Sit with them and know that they are temporary. Understand why they are here in this moment and use this time to assess if this derives from a deeper conditioning that you would like to improve on. 

If this is not something you feel like you will solve in a day, I want to share with you a text that I sent to a dear friend when she was going through something similar. (you are not alone, my dear).

If this is something you feel like you could knock out with the right tools, I created a FREE checklist of 30 coping skills for a bad day.




I hope you found this helpful. I wish you peace and understanding over your life. 

As always, I am available to you if you have any questions. Head on over to my instagram (where I practically live), or shoot me an email hello@ashleyvives.com. I would love to hear from you. 


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Ashley Vives Williams

Ashley Vives Williams

is a NLP Master Practitioner/ Self-Love and Relationship Coach. She helps women to heal and gain self confidence after a breakup or transition.

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