I’m Ashley Vives (pronounced Vee – Vez).

I’ll help you break down fear based thoughts. And, launch you into your best life filled with lots of love and a ton more money.

A little backstory, eh?

I’m a former wedding planner who dabbled in a little stand up comedy on the side. After planning several weddings and being left at the alter myself, I became obsessed with the underpinnings of love. How it works, how to find it, how to stay in it, and how to practice it on yourself. I read as many books on it as I could get my paper cut hands on. I researched it, researched people who researched it. I found it again, and this time in its truest form. Lord knows what I was doing before?! And, now I am here to teach it to you everything I know.

Isn’t that awesome?

I did all the work, so you don’t have to

and I’m here to explain it all in the sexiest ways possible.

Now, I must warn you.. I am not your typical life coach. In fact, I strive not to be. I see hundreds of coaches trying to fit into a mold with pink splattered webpages, awkward videos of them twirling and skipping down the street, and messages geared towards making money, not making clients better.

That. Ain’t. Me!

I promise you complete honesty, vulnerability, and an experience that will grow you and make you stronger. A timeless formula that you can take with you in all facets of life. And, massive growth and success.

I appreciate you so much for taking the time to read through my site and to even consider me as your future coach. I am a firm believer that everyone who finds my site was sent here for a reason. And, for that I would like to offer you access to all my most requested piece of free content: The Self-Love Made Easy Workbook. Whether we meet again through coaching or my special Facebook community, I want you to leave here with something to help you on your journey to becoming your best you!

Xo, my dear.