Self- Worth is crucial to your happiness and growth as a human being. If you are in a relationship (friendship, professional, or romantic) with someone who strips you of that… lace up your sneakers and RUN!!! Seriously, run as fast as you can and never look back. So often the ones lacking confidence look to tear it down in others rather than just fixing the root of the issue in themselves. More often than not, they are not even aware of their agenda. They have a real manipulative way of making you think that you are the cause of everything wrong in the relationship. You begin to question who you are and why you are. You make changes within yourself and you seek their approval in all things. You lose your voice and soon enough, lose your identity along with it.

The crazy part about it: When someone is capable of taking your self-confidence hostage, they often succeed in making you powerless and dependent. You fall under their spell. Furthermore, falling into a state of denial.

It is important for you to assess your relationships often and make note of whether or not you are exercising your self-worth. If you are sad more often than not, questioning if you are enough, or feel like you are holding on solely because you don’t want to restart… RUN!!! You are better than that!!! You are not only damaging yourself, you are now putting yourself in a cycle to do it to to others.

5 questions to check your balance in a relationship:

  1. Do you feel like you have an equal voice in the relationship? Are you being heard and finding compromises?
  2. Do you both WANT to work? Life will give you moments that are hard and you will see hitches in the road, but are you both willing to truly work through them?
  3. Do you do everything in your power to find little ways to make their life easier? Most importantly, do they do that for you too?
  4. Do you think about them? Do they think about you?
  5. Does it never feel like work? It will be hard.. but, it shouldn’t feel like you HAVE to do it. You should WANT to do it.

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