Instagram is truly an art form & there are tons of apps surrounding it that help you come out at the top of your game. I’ve just about tried them all. And, since I wholeheartedly believe in community over competition, I am here to share my absolute favorites with you so that you can get your business, or personal gram running like a pro!

I LOVE instagram… it is 100% my most used app in my phone. I grew my account @weswipedright from zero to over 7k followers in less than 6 months. I have taken several courses to master it and love every bit of knowledge I have obtained.

5 Quick bonus tips I have learned:

  1. Instagram is successful because we are all very visual, the better your photos, the more legit you will appear. The more likes, comments, and follows you will receive.
  2. It is completely true that the more work you put into it, the more success you will have. You need to curate your feed with planned content.
  3. Stories are the future, more users are looking at them then their feed, and they help you get ahead in the everchanging algorithm. It is almost an untapped field that is growing. The time is now to be recognized for your stories over your feed.
  4. The more engagement, the more you are seen. You absolutely need to spend time liking, commenting and building relationships with people.
  5. Instagram can truly be a full time job, but it doesn’t have to be. There are so many apps that can help you. And, it is definitely something you can outsource.


Now, let’s get into my Top 5 Favorite Apps that I use every day alongside Instagram..

  1. Tailwind – This app allows you to schedule your posts and if you have a business account it will even post them for you. It chooses the best times to post based on their statistics and your audience. It also helps you come up with the best hashtags that won’t be too competitive. Plus, you can save them so you can use them over and over again without ever having to retype them. I can load a months worth of post onto the Tailwind scheduler, walk away from it completely, and everything will be posted as planned. It is a lifesaver. Tailwind has a try it before you buy it, Free Trial where you can use it for up to 30 instagram posts and 100 Pinterest Posts before you commit to $9.99 a month (cancel anytime). I tell you, it is absolutely worth it to live stress free with the app, especially if you are building a business or trying to get products, or services out. If you want 15 bucks off the Tailwind app, go ahead and go to or email me with the subject line Tailwind 15 and I will send you a code. No, I am not signed to their affiliate program. I just love the product and I am trying to spread the love to you, my listeners.
  2. CutStory. This app allows you to take a video that is long and cut it into 15 second increments that will fit on instagram stories without the awkward pauses. So, imagine you have a 45 second video. Upload it into CutStory and it will save 3 – 15 second videos into your camera roll. You can then upload them into your story and they will play back to back. You can add music and you can make slideshows of your photos. The free version leaves a small logo in the left hand corner. And, I believe you can get rid of that if your purchase the pro app for less than 4 bucks. CutStory is amazing.
  3. InShot. This app is great for making cool photo edits. I use it for my stories a lot to add interest and make them stand out from others. InShot lets you do some cool things like blurring or changing the background, placing a picture on top of another, text, stickers, filters, you name it. I really like to play around in this app. It is so much fun and I highly recommend it.
  4. HypeType. This app is just cool! It makes your stories look so friggin fun. You can play with all of the types of fonts and animations. I’m sure you have seen it on stories before and thought whoa… this is professionally done. How’d they do that? Yeah, it’s HypeType. If you want your story to pop out when someone is clicking through their story feed, get HypeType for sure.
  5. VSCO. I edit all of my photos with VSCO. You can buy the presets and create a warm or cool look to your feed. You can adjust everything from brightness, cropping, shadows… you name it. I find it the easiest to use for a medium skilled DIY photographer like me. You can save the edited photo and pop it right over to instagram to post. It’s my go to.


An honorable mention for number 6 (in this top 5 list) would be Capture. I use this app when I want to show you what I am doing on my phone screen. I can record it and show it to you in my stories or in a post. I use capture a lot when I am showing you something you have to click through on my website. It is helpful and takes the guesswork out of the equation.


Well, there you have it my top 5 Instagram Apps. If you aren’t already following me on instagram, please pop in and say hello @ashleyvives. I always love connecting and building relationships with you all.


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