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Here’s what people are saying about coaching with ashley

Here’s what people are saying about coaching with ashley

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From the Blog

A Balanced Relationship

Self- Worth is crucial to your happiness and growth as a human being. If you are in a relationship (friendship, professional, or romantic) with someone who strips you of that… lace up your sneakers and RUN!!! Seriously, run as fast as you can and never look back. So often the ones lacking confidence look to […]

Self Care: 3 For Me

“Self care is not selfish; You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” – unknown   Have you been feeling alone, easily annoyed or angered, exhausted, nagging? Do you wish people would appreciate you more? Well, I know this may sound a little harsh, but maybe it’s that you need to appreciate yourself. I recently unlocked […]

My Year Without Facebook

I used to be obsessed with Facebook. I used to spend at least one hour stuck in bed when I woke up scrolling through everything I had missed on my feed. Ocassionally, I would drop my phone on my face or losing circulation in my arms. Throughout the day, I would constantly check to see […]